Embryo shipped to England 1973

Embryo 1973 live on stage at the Reading Festival Source: http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/reading-73.html

The Reading Festival in England 1973 was something special. The 12th National Jazz-, Blues- and Rock-Festival took place from the 24th August to the 26th August 1973. Headliner on Friday was Rory Gallagher, followed by The Faces as well as Lindisfarne and Status Quo on Saturday and Genesison Sunday. Embryo had been the only German band that was invited to the festival. The Sun titled the German band as ’some low-flying Messerschmitts‘.

Embryo mit Mik Quantius live at Cafe Oto in London 2017 – Bild: Embryo

Forty-four years later Embryo shipped to England once again, performing a well-visited concert at Cafe Oto. The English reception of German bands started with Amon Düül II in the end of the sixties. They labelled the new music from Germany as Krautrock. Bands like Can, Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk set new accents and were appreciated by many listeners. Geoff Orens from Allmusic wrote an interesting abstract about the band in the eighties.

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