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This blog is about the band Embryo from Munich, which has been wonderful for fifty years. It is a blog about life as well as about an endless story and history. I had never intended to publish it as a blog, but after a while (four years) I came to the conclusion that the only way, to publish it, is online via a blog. It keeps it fluently, so let it flow and enjoy the mass of information and stories, you get.

Embryo 1978 on the road to India (Source: Embryo)

Embryo from Munich is not only a band full of music – Embryo is life and soul, a life school for young and older generations. The phenomenon is that well-known musicians all over the world know and appreciate them, but none of them seems to think, it is worth mentioning this band more than one time. Miles Davies did it once a time. Steven Wilson took the album „Embryos Reise“ on his personal playlist. To reassure all those many people – you have done it right up to now! Nevertheless I decided differently four years ago to give the band more place and more attention, in hope of catching the secret, the band has always taken with them. I am still looking for it, and perhaps, this is the main character of a secret that you will never reveal the mystery.

Founded in 1969 by Christian Burchard, Lothar Meid and Edgar Hofmann, the band joined into the storm of the revolution of 1968, which was a social European and Transatlantic Revolution, maybe arisen from San Francisco, but we do not exactly know.

Influenced by the American Jazz scenery, they have changed their play often, but never changed their mindset, which is deeply-rooted in the soul of Jazz. What does it mean? Improvisation and a free style, not to be categorized by anyone. Their freedom of art has always played the main role for the many band members. When music has been routed via commerce, Embryo`s bus has left the busy way and opened another interesting chapter of world music.

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